Cisco IMPACT Digital Experience

A longtime fixture on the Fortune 100 list, Cisco is the world leader in networking technology. The company’s 2020 IMPACT conference united their salesforce from all corners of the globe, and amid the pandemic, became a fully virtual experience for the first time. Over three days, the more than 20,000 attendees were asked to reimagine possible—a concept brought to life by a dynamic interconnected network.    

Defining the visual identity

We created the multicolored network graphic to capture the energy of the Cisco salesforce. The network graphic communicates the collective impact of the team when efforts are aligned at every scale — from individual, to team, to customer, to the globe.

Visual guidelines

Designing a digital platform

Produced together with partners George P. Johnson, Intergalactic and Tencue, we designed and developed an ambitious custom digital experience for IMPACT attendees in record time. The immersive platform let users build an agenda, watch live and on-demand sessions, connect with peers, take surveys, and more.

A resounding success

Cisco’s first virtual conference of its kind reached 21,500 attendees across 100 countries. The memorable event featured 290 speakers, a worldwide sales training competition, and live musical performances.

A special thanks to our creative and development partners, George P. Johnson, Intergalactic and Tencue, for helping us rise to this incredible challenge and create an unforgettable experience for thousands of people around the world.