Celebrating and cultivating brand loyalty for the next generation of semiconductor innovation

SEMI needed something extraordinary for a singular celebration

SEMI is the premier professional trade group for individuals and businesses that work in the semiconductor manufacturing sector. With a unique opportunity to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary as the professional organization representing a technology that has fundamentally transformed the world, they needed a visual theme and branding campaign that matched the occasion.

To celebrate semiconductors, look to the semiconductors

The visual theme took inspiration from semiconductor technology itself: the patterns of intricate copper wires that comprise the connections within computer chips. Featuring the copper color naturally created a glamorous, celebratory feel reminiscent of award shows creating a heightened sense of celebration for industry insiders. At the same time, the distinctive patterns lent themselves easily to modulating color for a wide variety of assets and touchpoints. The look established an optimistic and approachable experience that set the tone for SEMI’s message of celebration and ongoing innovation to reach its target audience. 

Enhancing a jubilee with a rigorous branding framework

With a unique, resonant visual theme, we created brand guidelines that allowed SEMI and partners to faithfully execute and magnify the jubilatory occasion. By developing and stewarding accessibly usable guidelines, the experience for SEMI’s audience was focused and enhanced. An immersive air of celebration made the significance of the moment undeniable. Strategic and broader celebratory goals—after all, this was the golden anniversary of a momentous technology—were achieved.

Souvenirs and swag for a golden anniversary

With a strong visual theme and rigorous brand guidelines in place, the branding was rolled out for any and all touchpoints. We designed digital and on-site banners, tote bags, and other branded assets featuring the wire inspired visual theme and inspirational images connecting the past and future of semiconductor technology.

Invigorated for the next fifty years of innovation

Viewers were swept up in an inspirational, on-brand experience that connected the transformational past, exciting present, and potent future of the semiconductor industry. The sense of accomplishment and promise was palpable. We helped SEMI create an experience that captured the accomplishment and limitless future of an industry and a technology that has reshaped the world in a short half a century.