Hybrid event. Unified sales team experience.

Managing a full hybrid event brand experience that unites people near and far is complex

Cisco is a world leader in making digital connections for countless people around the world and Cisco IMPACT is its marquee event for its sales and marketing teams. The success of the Cisco sales and marketing teams depends on clear communication and a powerful, inspirational experience each year at the event. Hybrid in 2022, Cisco IMPACT FY23 worked fluidly because of the project management prowess, UX/UI expertise, and design problem solving of Sans Serif to integrate and ensure fidelity to an inspiring brand experience from start to finish.

Visual theme by Cisco’s internal creative team, The Hatch; General session production, media, and design: Tencue

Parallel experiences, all on brand

For FY23, Cisco planned a hybrid event from the start, with a celebration of being back in person for those who were able to attend. But accommodating remote, in-person, and dual participants, necessitated 8 separate but interrelated event stages. Everyone had to receive the correct information at the right time, all on theme and unified in brand. Our project management forward approach provided peace of mind for the client and ensured smooth communication between design and Cisco’s internal development team. Doing so enabled Cisco to focus on strategic priorities, audience engagement, and making the event about alignment, education, celebration, and connection.

Generating excitement, and RSVPs

Cisco IMPACT had been fully remote two years in a row. Content for the event’s website, platform, and emails had to hit the right tone of excitement and professionalism, as well as communicate clearly. For many this was their first in-person Cisco IMPACT. RSVPs hit targets and all experience streams had minimal barriers to participation. Attendees were able to focus on strategy and connecting rather than red tape and barriers.

Motivated by recognition, near or far

We refreshed digital assets like badges and banners for sales recognition achievements, including a critical reveal and redesign of a renamed top recognition: Club Cisco. Attendees reported feeling motivated by the enhanced recognition opportunities for all, including those who were remote.

General session production, media, and design: Tencue

An inspiring digital experience at all sizes

We deployed a responsive digital experience completely on-brand and incorporating best practices. A sophisticated mobile app kept attendees informed and eliminated obstacles to a fully immersive Cisco IMPACT experience. Key partners contributed development and related experience along the way.


  • 91% “very satisfied” responses revealed in post-event survey, the highest on record for a hybrid Cisco event
  • Huge gains in salesforce confidence for the coming year, exceeding expectations
  • Enhanced audience engagement to ensure strategy and messaging reached its mark
  • A better recognition experience, motivating sellers to strive for more
  • A fully on-brand hybrid event laying the foundation for a successful, strategically aligned year for the Cisco sales and marketing teams

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