Autodesk TechX

Empowering an industry leader to communicate the essence of innovation at its renowned TechX event

Autodesk leads the computer aided design (CAD) industry with its comprehensive suite of advanced 3D, construction, and engineering design software. TechX is Autodesk’s flagship innovation and technology conference for customers and industry insiders—a big deal for a technology driven company known for leading in innovation. Fresh off a comprehensive rebrand, it needed an inspiring, expressive visual theme and brand system to convey the event’s rallying-cry verbal theme: “Unleash the New Possible.”

Movement, vividness, and vivacious color

We created a visual theme that used bright ribbons of color to contrast with the striking black and white of Autodesk’s new brand colors. With a theme about “unleashing,” the feeling of movement and energy was paramount, so design started with motion graphics, ensuring even still imagery would have undeniable velocity and energy. Masking, using Autodesk’s symbol, anchored the idea of the “creative spark” to Autodesk’s empowerment of designers and creators.

Brand guidelines and a playbook for creative unity

With a visual theme in place, we created comprehensive guidelines and a simplified, efficient playbook that guided all creative partners involved with the event, including vendors, members of Autodesk’s internal brand team, and other supporting agencies. The unified approach amplified Autodesk’s key messaging and secured the event’s strategic objectives.

All touchpoints conveying the same inspiring message

The playbook and brand guidelines allowed the elaboration of assets that told the story of advanced design software empowering and fueling the creative spark for innovators everywhere. We created web banners, on-site collateral and signage, marketing material, and more.


Autodesk’s new brand is all about confidence and innovation. Our creative execution and safeguarding of a vibrant, lively visual theme and event branding, carrying it through all touchpoints, amplified the Autodesk parent brand while giving voice to the particular emphasis on new possibilities of TechX. As a result, Autodesk was able to communicate its key messages, educate important constituencies, and build equity in its new brand based on its longstanding leader status empowering innovative design.