Keep Cisco Safe

As a global leader in cybersecurity, Cisco has a critical responsibility to keep its data, and that of its clients, safe. But that data is only as safe as its weakest link: human error. So how do you engage over 120,000 employees around the globe and educate them on ways to Keep Cisco Safe? This was the challenge we faced, and we met it with a multi-faceted communications campaign centered around personifying cyber-threats as mischievous little monsters lurking in the shadows.

All the attention generated by the monsters was channeled to an intranet site where employees were asked to complete four activities. Through simplification and gamification, the entire training experience was designed to be approachable and user-friendly. The site linked into single sign-on and back-end systems for tracking of progress and campaign metrics.

In all, a series of eleven monsters were developed to represent the data security threats. An international team of character designers, 3D artists and animators helped bring them to life for video and motion applications.

The monsters starred in a multi-faceted campaign that included life-sized displays, videos, posters, giveaways, stickers, window-clings and even toys used as incentives. The resulting employee engagement and participation has exceeded all expectations.