Mission Bit rebrand

Partnering with a non-profit for their next stage of growth and building a relationship around our shared goals of equity in tech and design

Mission Bit is a non-profit 501(c)(3) based in San Francisco that offers free computer science classes to youth of color in the Bay Area. Over the past ten years, their hard work and commitment to making a positive impact on their community have brought them to an exciting new stage in their growth. We partnered with Mission Bit for a pro-bono rebrand with the goal of growing their student base, establishing fuller trust with adult allies, and communicating credibility to key existing and future donors.

An effective rebrand starts with research, questions, and interviews—including with Mission Bit students

We began with extensive research and stakeholder interviews. Collaborating closely with executive leadership, we worked to deeply understand their history and goals. Their development consultant provided information about the profile and motivation of donors. And we strategically included interviews of their students revealing what makes Mission Bit stand out from the point-of-view of those they serve. Our rebrand strategy considered three key audiences: students, adult allies, and donors, to maximize the impact of the rebrand.

Collaborating through the lifespan of the project, starting with comprehensive brand strategy leading visuals

Strategy led the visual and verbal branding effort. Based on our discovery findings, we compiled a comprehensive brand strategy aligning the strengths and culture of Mission Bit. Value alignment along with a cohesive, consistent approach to brand expression through all touchpoints cultivates interest, equity, credibility, and loyalty, exactly what Mission Bit was looking for. We codified a mission statement, brand values, brand personality, and brand tone and voice to guide verbal and visual branding.

A full design team to express “Embracing Diversity”

Our designers developed concepts and mood boards to launch the visual branding process. The Mission Bit team chose a concept called “Embracing Diversity,” which celebrates place, inclusion, and difference, along with the unique fun and vibrancy that differentiate the organization and its team. Colorful but credible, with hand drawn accents and all the personality of a fast growing, mission-driven group, the conceptual direction drove the development of a compelling logo.

Equipping Mission Bit to enact their new brand effectively

Finally, to be effective, consistency and fidelity to a new brand is essential. We created comprehensive brand guidelines for the Mission Bit team to implement the new brand identity across their organization. The guidelines include visual branding rules and examples for all types of imagery, social assets, and even stickers and swag. Verbally, the guidelines provide rich description of brand personality and voice, along with examples and an editorial style guide.

Aligned missions for more equity in tech and design

We’re committed to contributing to the diversification of the design and creative pipeline. Mission Bit inspired us and stood out as a clear and exciting fit for a pro-bono program begun as part of our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative. Mission Bit’s success and growth contributes to our own pursuit of more equity in the critical digital fields of the future.