Personalized, insightful intelligence
delivered in real-time

Treasure Data is an industry-leading customer data platform (CDP) that works with existing marketing stacks to securely unlock the power of customer data by creating connected customer experiences. Looking to increase the interactivity of their web experience with a direct-to-consumer (DTC) assessment, Treasure Data collaborated with us to research, conceptualize, strategize, and deploy a tool that provides prospects with DTC-readiness guidance while actively qualifying them as potential Treasure Data customers.

Strategy for the digital human experience

The strategic concept at the forefront of our integrated solution builds on the foundation of natural human competitiveness and curiosity. Proceeding through the questionnaire, prospects are able to visually compare their status with industry peers and competitors in real-time.

User journeys with personalized destinations

The usefulness of the tool for users hinges on it being customized. We designed a custom report featuring final recommendations generated from scores based on users’ assessment inputs. The report amplifies interest by presenting a score comparing the user’s responses with their peers and DTC industry leaders. Simplicity and grace on the outside obscured the complexity of the scoring underneath. The result: meaningful scores with actionable insights delivered intuitively.

An assessment at your fingertips for a mobile-first world

The assessment needed a responsive interface that was as sleek and engaging as the desktop version, boosting opportunities for users to take it without loss of functionality. The results presentation is rich and always on Treasure Data’s brand.